Mahou shoujo kureha twist RJ085587 Save Data

Mahou shoujo kureha twist RJ085587 Save Data


In order to fulfill her contract with the magician Zeke, Kureha, clad in red lotus flames, continues to fight the denizens of the darkness…

Then, a girl stands in the way of a hunter’s ring that controls magic with science.

When she sees what lies beyond their bloody bond, the magical girl Kureha will be complete!

This is the second Magical Girl game made by MASURAO, an animated novel with full-movie action and story, and a tentacle game!

The game is an interactive touch game where you control the heroines and their tentacles, and their facial expressions and dialogue change depending on how much you want to fuck them, make them come as many times as you want, and ejaculate as many times as you want!

Kureha, a magical girl, Miki, a captive hunter, and Asra, a demon who wants the ring, each touch is fully animated with voices and sound effects!

The game features a 1.27 GB volume of intense play including thick pricks, multiple penetrations, full-body caresses, spawning, nippling, milking, yuri mode, and other unique tentacles!

Can you hear me? …The lone warriors play…

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