Ghost house/gun sweeper RJ090136 Save Data

Ghost house/gun sweeper RJ090136 Save Data


Game Description.

A ghost exterminator is trapped in a mansion where erotic ghosts lurk.

The role-playing game is about exterminating ghosts, solving abominable riddles, and escaping from the mansion.

The special bullet 《Zer Bullet aka Spell Bullet》, which can damage ghosts, is made of “semen”.

Semen is also used to make a drink that helps restore your strength.

Semen, which is used to make items, is collected while fighting ghosts.

If you are defeated, you can collect semen from most ghosts instead of being raped.



Rei Yotsuya

Ghost exterminator attacker.

He is a first-rate marksman.

He is nearsighted, and if he removes his glasses, his accuracy rate will decrease.

He is a dirty man at heart.


Tomomi Yotsubishi

Ghost exterminator backup non-combatant.

A priestess.

She has a strong sense of inspiration, and has a strong side that she creates and sells various kinds of tags to Rei.

She is in love with her own brother, Eiichi.

Main tags she prepares

《”Rei Muteki-fuda

A tag that makes ghosts inaccessible. When used, the card automatically changes to a “disarm” card. It is not effective against strong ghosts.

Spirit Summoning Cards

A card that lures ghosts. Use it.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Ghost house/gun sweeper RJ090136” and use it.

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