Luxuria RJ118528 Save Data

Luxuria RJ118528 Save Data


This is the story of Aisha, a new wizard, and her recovery of the “Grimoire of Colored Desire”.

Port Town of Ron

This is the first town Aisha visits.

Aisha is stranded here and needs a lot of money to get out of the town.

She can either earn money in the dungeon or work part-time while being sexually harassed.

The choice is yours.

Cernan, a town of commerce

This is the town where the grimoire is located.

Aisha will try her best to get close to the wealthy owner of the book.

You can defeat bandits, become famous, and be invited to the wealthy man’s mansion,

You can also sell your body quickly.

The first half is shame and service.

The second half is mainly prostitution and mausoleum.


The balance of the game is such that you can defeat the small fishes with a single blow if they have a weak attribute.

And if you try to avoid them, you can also avoid them except for the last boss battle.


Aisha’s sense of shame decreases with each naughty event.

When it drops below a certain level, she will no longer be able to resist being naughty.

And if it continues to drop further, she will be able to break into men’s baths and walk around town completely naked!

When you are nude, you will get different reactions from the town’s inhabitants.

Talk to all kinds of people.

Trial Version

You can play the first part of the story.

Please make sure to check the operation of the demo version before purchasing this product.

Please note that the saved data from the demo version will not be transferred to the full version.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Luxuria RJ118528” and use it.

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