Tefanzuhebun RJ119782 Save Data

Tefanzuhebun RJ119782 Save Data



An RPG of humiliation in which Tae-Hwa is the main character.

Clear various quests brought to Seventh Heaven, a bar in a slum,

Save the stars and various desires (mainly sexual desires) from Shinra!

The naughty traps that await TeXfa

Defeat and humiliation, of course!

Combat soldiers, tentacle mo*bol, cor*o, hy*ger, presidential god*, scar*le*,

Public humiliation, double penetration, forced double blowjob…etc.

Prostitution sex to earn money, backroom deals, and more,

and also service sex to their friends.

Will you keep your virginity?

or fall in love with pleasure?

There are many naughty traps in a bar in a slum!

Reproduction of Midoru

Midoru, a near-future city ruled by the Shin-Ohshin Company, has been recreated with dots as much as possible.

It is a nostalgic yet new world of TEFA.


Please check the operation of the demo version before purchasing.

There is a possibility of bug fixes and version upgrades,

Please register as a member before purchasing so that you can re-download the software.

Correction information

(9/18/2013) Added a function to clear the dialogue window by pressing Esc key.

        Changed message skip to Ctrl key.

(9/12/2013) Corrected the method of obtaining the important item “Blueprint of the first miasma furnace”.

∙ (9/11/2013) Fixed a bug with some boss characters.


Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Tefanzuhebun RJ119782” and use it.

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