Zombie zone/gun sweeper RJ127139 Save Data

Zombie zone/gun sweeper RJ127139 Save Data


Ver. 1.8c

Uncover the mystery of the warding while battling 《Zombie》, a swarm of ghosts that have taken on substance!

39 sex scenes, adjustable speed except for some.


Game Contents

Three members of the GEC team, a ghost extermination company, have come all the way from Japan at the request of an overseas client.

The player controls the team and is tasked with breaking the wards that cover the area while defeating the attacking zombies and floating spirits.

Players can find new weapons, generate ammunition, and damage and remove clothing.

In addition, each character’s favorite collectibles are hidden throughout the game, and if you complete them, you will get something for your collection.

《Spell Bullets》.

Bullets made from semen that can exterminate ghosts.

When the spell bullets run out, the player can extract semen, a part of the material, from zombies and ghosts.

The semen is extracted from zombies and ghosts, and the bullets are then processed to create the bullets.

Erotic technique

The way to collect semen from zombies and ghosts is through “erotic techniques” that are performed in battle.

Each player has four different types of erotic techniques (initially only one type), and the level of erotic technique increases with the number of times the technique is used. (4 levels)

The amount of semen that can be ejaculated increases with each level.

Attacks and erotic techniques consume 《Special Ability Value》.

This value is naturally accumulated through attacks and defenses.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Zombie zone/gun sweeper RJ127139” and use it.

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