Hunter quest~ Aina no funtou monogatari RPG~ RJ131569 Save Data

Hunter quest~ Aina no funtou monogatari RPG~ RJ131569 Save Data



Fixed a bug that when selecting an item or skill in battle, if the X button (A key) is pressed in the detail display, the command disappears and cannot be selected.

The function of displaying item and skill details was deleted.

Fixed a bug that caused the item and skill detail display function to disappear.

The “total solar eclipse” that covers the Plush Country in darkness once every few decades is approaching.

The country is enveloped in a miasma (noxious gas), the power of demons has doubled, and the whole country is worried.

The government sends as many hunters and soldiers as possible to hunt the demons in order to calm them down.

The hunter mafia, the “Wolves,” are planning to revive the demon demon tribe.

The Plush nation is aware of this plan, and assigns a rookie hunter, Aina, a critical mission!

The mission is to

The ending of the game changes depending on the number of requests completed and the degree of lewdness.

H-scene recollection, message skipping, 8-way movement, faster combat, etc. are introduced.

Screen resolution is 640 x 480.

Equipment and level can be transferred to the round-play mode.

Basically, there is no game over. (There are game overs in some battles, etc.)

You can see various sex scenes if you lose in certain events or do certain actions in the town.

After each ending, you will be taken to the recollection room, where you can release and watch all the events at your discretion.

■ Various play scenes in the whorehouse

Various plays in the whorehouse

Being raped by an orc’s huge penis

Group rape by demons

Raped by various demons with tentacles

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