Semete semerare yonjuu hachi te RJ139888 Save Data

Semete semerare yonjuu hachi te RJ139888 Save Data


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While searching for treasures to earn pocket money, the main character Wataru encounters a ghost of an apprentice ukiyo-e artist who died unexpectedly in a storehouse.

He is asked to help the ghost, Koyuki Kano, complete a shunga (spring painting) that she was about to complete in order to bring her back to life.

At first, the protagonist stubbornly refuses, but changes his mind when he hears about the divine powers given to him by the ghost and the conditions for accomplishment.

The power gives Wataru the ability to have sex with any girl he likes, but all of them become lewd.

With his idol of choice, a childhood friend, a younger X-ri, and a kindly older teacher as his captives, will Wataru be able to master the 48 moves and reach the divine one beyond them?

The goal is to complete the fantastic shunga book “Cho-nipple caricature,” in which the hero, having acquired the divine power to take girls captive, communes with them, tasting the mysteries of the female body and recreating the 48 moves.

This time, more than 50 basic CGs will be presented in a large volume!

Introduction of the 48 positions included in this collection.

1 “Head pulling love

2. “Raft tea mortar” (raft)

3. “Ishimizu” (clean water)

4. “Shigarami”

5. “Close in Chidori”

6. “Kadori-wisteria”

7. “Wild geese.

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Semete semerare yonjuu hachi te RJ139888” and use it.

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