DepraviA RJ140678 Save Data

DepraviA RJ140678 Save Data


What is “DepraviA”?

A long, long time ago…
The gates of hell suddenly opened, and the human world was destroyed as demons invaded the earth. Then, an angel steps into hell to save human souls from being devoured by demons. Unaware that it will be a harsh battle covered in blood, flesh, and semen…

Game Outline
An action game designed with the game systems of “Ma0-mura” and “Ma0-mura Gaiden: Redeemer” in mind!
This is a side-scrolling hardcore lyona action game in which you control Angelica the War Maiden as she battles brutal hell demons. Use throwing weapons such as swords, knives, and axes, hovering, kick climbing, and magic that can be used when wearing bikini armor to destroy the demons!
Total of 8 stages + α.

Damage undressing system is equipped!
Each damage will change from armor or bikini armor, to black underwear, to nude knee-socks, and if you take damage while in nude knee-socks, you will lose the game! A lyona and erotic animation will be played on the spot. When the game is over, a movie made by After Effects will also be displayed.

Even if you are not good at action games, you don’t have to worry about the “Fallen System”.
Angelica can “fall” at any time. Angelica can be “corrupted” at any time, which prevents her from taking damage from enemies and also increases her movement speed and weapon performance.

Multi-end system
Depending on the clear rank of each stage, there are 5 different endings!
Each ending has a different CG and story!

Included Situations, etc.

More than 80 patterns of erotic and grotesque Ryona dot animations!
Rape, vertical and horizontal mutilation, petrification, tentacle humiliation, skewering, crushing, drowning, dismemberment, burning, swallowing, electrocution, predation, Iron Maiden, beating, forced masturbation, covered in semen, bull of Phalaris, incontinence, shooting, slime rape, belly bump, and more….
Over 60 patterns of mobs in terrible shape in the background of the stages are also included in abundance!

Game over CGs are animated by After Effects.
Both grotesque and erotic CGs move! (10FPS~30FPS)
20 kinds of basic CG + α 37 patterns including differences

All CG+Animation are open and the most powerful data is included!
Even if you are not good at action… but want to see CG and animation, don’t worry!

You can optionally hide the cruelty descriptions so that even those who are not good at cruelty can enjoy the game. In that case, only normal erotic dot animations and erotic movies will be shown.

◆Series Movies
DepraviA-EgrigorI (2018)

DepraviA-Sariel (2024-)
Spin-off work featuring Sariel, who appears in this work.
Currently under development as of 2024, with a progress report in Ci-en.


◆Angelica (CV: Maria Ayana) 

The main character of this work.
She is a poor angel who challenges hell by herself. She can fall into heaven after being given the “power of the Fall” by Sariel.

◆Sariel (CV: Rutoro Nananagi)

An angel of death who supports Angelica.
She supports Angelica with her soft tone and gentle smile.

Bones (CV: Shichinagi Rutoro)

A mysterious assassin who relentlessly pursues Angelica. He attacks Angelica with his huge scythe and agile movements.

Brutal Demons

The Lovers: A woman with an alluring upper body.
The Lovers are demons with the upper body of a bewitching woman and the lower body of a serpent. They bite Angelica and try to swallow her whole with their female genitalia.

The Moon: A demon that lives in the primeval forests of hell.
A giant frog-shaped demon that inhabits the primeval forests of hell. It leaps about in an attempt to swallow poor Angelica whole.

The Tower.
This demon shoots petrifying lasers from its huge eyes. If caught, you will be humiliated by its tentacles.

The Magician.
Drifting through the air, the Magician casts a masturbation spell that forces him to become a whore. He is a formidable foe who uses his shield to defend against Angelica’s attacks.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “DepraviA RJ140678” and use it.

Download Save Data

Fully open from the beginning