Maragonkuesuto 5 RJ142825 Save Data

Maragonkuesuto 5 RJ142825 Save Data


6 characters from the ■Puchi series!

6 petit characters will appear in the fairy land after the game is cleared!

Large screen erotic RPG with 800×600 resolution!

The pseudo-animation has been greatly enhanced, and background voices have been added!

The second version of the “Battle Fuck RPG! The second volume of the “Battle Fuck” series is finally here!


A world of lewdness where the weapons and armor of the past have no meaning.

The sound of genitalia rubbing against each other echoes obscenely in this climactic battle.

The nectar of demons entwining with your tautly stretched penis.

The vaginas of the demons that squeeze up unceasingly.

If you end up, you will be squeezed until you die….

The main character grows up strong in such a world… What is his fierce destiny?

Characters and Events

More than 35 CGs have been newly written, exceeding the number of the previous work!

Of course, all of them are newly written by “Mashiri”!

Special dot character chips are provided for the monsters that appear in the game!

More cute! More erotic! Easier to understand!

Starting with slime, saving people in caves, exterminating ghosts, fairy missions, and kidnappings!

It’s not only the adult protagonist who comes across time!

Other than that, he also gets pussy-fucked by his future daughter-in-law! I wanted to do it! The “I wanted to do it!” is all here.


The hassle of fighting the same monsters over and over again is completely reduced!

Only first-time monster daughters will be defeated moderately to reach the appropriate level.

No time-consuming leveling up and no need to waste time on

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Maragonkuesuto 5 RJ142825” and use it.

Download Save Data

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