Dungeon of Retina RJ146261 Save Data

Dungeon of Retina RJ146261 Save Data


The current version is 1.09a.


 Retina, the third princess of the Kingdom of Arkwright,…… she is both a princess and a knight.

 She was recently knighted and became the knight she had always wanted to be. …… Her first mission was to take down bandits who were attacking neighboring villages.

 She was a little scared of her first real battle……, but as a knight and a princess, she had to do her job without embarrassment…”

 With this in mind, the princess went to her first real battle, the defeat of bandits. ………

Game System

 This title uses a standard command-based turn-based battle system.

Armor Break System

 During battle, some enemies will attack you with an attack called “armor break,

 When they are hit by this attack, their clothes will be torn off.

 Under certain conditions, you will be able to explore caves in the nude.

Costume and hairstyle change system

 The costumes and hairstyles can be changed.

 Costumes have costume differences in “Armor Break”.

Prostitution System

 Prostitution is available at brothels and privately.

 Make money.

H scene

 Mainly humiliation scenes and prostitution scenes.

 The main character’s sex scene will reflect his current hairstyle!

This game is an RPG Tool VXAce work.

You will need RPG Tool VXAce RTP to play this game,


Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Dungeon of Retina RJ146261” and use it.

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