Bakudori~ netori tanetsuke hahako sandwich~ RJ153201 Save Data

Bakudori~ netori tanetsuke hahako sandwich~ RJ153201 Save Data


Full voice full animation, bondage cuckold impregnation animation ADV

 Full voice, HD quality, 47 minutes of H-animation, more than 10 climaxes and ejaculation scenes!

 Over 10 climaxes and ejaculation scenes!

 This is a mother-daughter impregnation cuckoldry drama with overwhelming eroticism!

ADVimation-HD – High quality animation ADV more easily!

 ADVimation-HD is an animation ADV that can be played with the same ease as watching movies on a media player.

 The seek bar operation of the entire movie allows you to freely watch the movie.



 In the early afternoon on a weekday, a middle-aged man in work clothes rings the chime of a luxury mansion.

 The man walks in on Emi, a married woman who is at home, and tells her that he is interested in her. The man is “Nosaka,” a janitor at the school. He has a weakness that makes him do Emi’s bidding.

 Nosaka blackmails Emi and enjoys her body so much that he even ties up and rapes her daughter, Akane, when she comes home. The days of Nakadashi and Oyakodon begin.

 The man enters the family’s daily life and whore humiliates the mother and daughter anytime and anywhere without hesitation – it was his revenge.


 Fellatio, oral ejaculation, restraining bare bottom, losing virginity, squirting, spurting mother’s milk, sex while on the phone with husband

 Sitting position.

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