Lint/le close~ seitate no kishi~ RJ158929 Save Data

Lint/le close~ seitate no kishi~ RJ158929 Save Data



Valkyria of Platinum

The girl’s name is Lindt-Fulpiezza.

The girl’s name is Lindt-Fuflupiezza.

The glorious war record of the [Warfare Unit: The White Silver Spike] led by her

Heroic tale is a living myth or legend.

The real image of her that attracts people’s attention is that she is naive, childish, and sweet.

She is naive, childish, and spoiled.

She is a little regretful young lady who immediately bursts into tears when her heart is unexpectedly moved.

However, she is a young lady who lives a healthy life.

she was a young lady who lived a healthy life, holding straight kindness in her heart.


Numerous events that suddenly happen

Communication with unique sub-characters

Lindt reacts in a variety of ways to the little sub-events that occur as if to take a break.

Lint shows various reactions of joy, anger, sadness, and humor.

Through these reactions, we hope to give the audience a sense of what kind of girl she is.

We hope that the audience will be able to enjoy the game

and then let them enjoy “what kind of a girl she is” through her reactions.

The main purpose of the story is to show the audience what kind of girl she is and how she reacts.

She blushes at the slightest sexual harassment.

She blushes at the slightest sexual harassment, and cries at the most terrible rapes that force her to give in.

These events are also considered to be an important showcase for the characterization of the character.

Ninety-five percent of the erotic scenes are of Lint, the heroine.

Erotic Scenes

The heroine is a virgin who has never been kissed.

When she goes to the doctor, she gets her nipples tweaked in a mousy way

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