Maria no douchuuki RJ179090 Save Data

Maria no douchuuki RJ179090 Save Data



Maria, Oswin, and Jared were

They were partying as adventurers in a guild and earning rewards.

One day, however, they failed a request and lost their credibility.

For those who work in the guild, it was fatal.

Then, a request with a big reward came in.

We absolutely could not fail.”

They had to succeed and somehow regain the client’s trust.

They were in dire straits and were on their way to Hienwijk, where their client was located.

The first job.

They arrived in the town of Hienwijk and met their client, Albert.

At the inn he runs, Maria and her group heard the details of the request.

There are many demons in the town that mimic human beings, but we are having trouble distinguishing them.

The mimicked demons appear at night, attack people, and steal their gold and women.

He promised a reward of one million rupees for defeating all the demons.

Maria thought she could spot them and accepted the request.

Maria thought she could tell the difference, and accepted the request, because a mimicked demon would temporarily lose its mimicry ability and revert to its demon form after ejaculating.

Maria gathers information in town.

She decides to search for demons by becoming a prostitute herself in order to spot demons with sexual desires.

A too shortsighted idea….

At first, she doesn’t like it, but she ends up getting involved in sex acts she is not used to….

She is an amateur in the field of sex, and she has no idea what she is doing.

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