Akane to nazuna no, love love yuri seikatsu RJ183179 Save Data

Akane to nazuna no, love love yuri seikatsu RJ183179 Save Data


A confession leads to a dazzling cohabitation between the two of them.

It’s fun, happy, exciting, calming, and pleasant.

A little bit of their lovey-dovey life together.

From the beginning to the end, the two of them are full of lovey-dovey sex!

Recommended for those who just want to see some raunchy yuri ecchi!

*There is some play using tools (double-headed dildo) in some scenes.

 Please be careful if you don’t like it.

Currently, Ver. 1.1, Special Mode and CG Mode are installed in this version.

Character Introduction

Name Akane Endo / CV Mikan Nonaka

Birthday: October 11

Likes: Eggplants, lounging around at home, sweets

Dislikes Strong-smelling food

    A childhood friend and classmate of Nazuna.

    He has been with her yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

    She hopes to confess her feelings to him someday.

Name Nazuna Nishino / CV Kyukanyan

Birthday January 17

Likes Akane, cooking in general, tataki type of food in general

Dislikes warm seafood bowls with rice

    Akane’s childhood friend and classmate.

    They are always too much together and cannot get along without Akane.

    Even when he grows up, he still wants to be with her as a matter of course,

    I want to be with her even when I grow up.

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