Oujo iris no yonaoshi boukenki RJ186234 Save Data

Oujo iris no yonaoshi boukenki RJ186234 Save Data


The latest version is 1.05


The main character Iris was born as a princess of a certain country.

The girl with powerful magical powers, along with her valet, a knight named Sylvia, travels around the world crushing the hideouts of bandits at home and abroad, trying to rehabilitate them.

One day, after getting used to traveling, Iris rode with her sister Sasha to the bandits’ hideout as usual.

Iris and her friends, without struggling against the bandits in the remote village, kicked out the small fry and proceeded to the deepest part of the hideout.

But there, something unexpected happens.


This is a short story. Play time is about 3 to 5 hours.

But there are a lot of H-scene. Please look for a lot of scenes.

This is a game in which you control the main character, Princess Iris, and conquer the dungeon while doing H things.

The game uses an original battle system, so you can enjoy the composition of strong heroes kicking off a lot of small fry.

The number of times you can use your skills is limited, so you need to plan your strategy for the dungeon attack.

Various magical tools can be obtained. Various magical tools can be obtained, and skills can be used.

 More advanced magical tools can be obtained by synthesizing them. Aim to complete the game!

The screen resolution is 1280×960.

◆H Scenes

There are more than 40 H-scenes. There are more than 40 H-scenes with animation.

There are some changes of clothes of standing pictures and many H accessories only for the main character.

The main character is a villain.

During the battle

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Oujo iris no yonaoshi boukenki RJ186234” and use it.

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