Costume play taimashi seinachan no junan RJ188065 Save Data

Costume play taimashi seinachan no junan RJ188065 Save Data


▼ The Story

Seina Miyoshi is one of the retinue in the modern age.

Despite her young age, she already has many accomplishments and has become well known in the industry.

This is partly due to her good pedigree, but more than that, she has a different passion for her work.

A few years ago, her father suddenly disappeared.

When Seina was reunited with her father some time later, he had become a mute corpse.

It is hard to believe that he was killed by a mere demon, then there is always a culprit somewhere.

To find out the truth about her father’s death and to avenge his death,

Seina dived into dangerous work, and as a result, her ability as a demon exorcist

and as a result, her ability as a demon exorcist was enhanced.

▼ Synopsis

One day, after a long day as a retired magician, a stranger met Seina on her way home from work in front of her office.

On her way home from work, a stranger met Seina in front of her office.

He introduced himself as “Sakagami” and said he knew the organization where the murderer of Seina’s father was hiding.

Kiyona asks for information from Sakagami, but he makes her a very dirty demand in exchange…

Kiyona gave him a blowjob on the minimal condition that he would not do the real thing.

Although it was all new to her and she felt uncomfortable, she managed to suck the man’s genitals and even ejaculate.

Incidentally, Seina is a virgin…

As they get closer to the mastermind, the enemies become more vicious, and if they should be caught, the lovely Seina will be used as an outlet for their sexual desires.

Kiyona uses a change of clothes to infiltrate, protect her virginity, investigate, and get to the bottom of the case.

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