Otoko no musume wa miraretai RJ190495 Save Data

Otoko no musume wa miraretai RJ190495 Save Data


Blue Devil’s newest release is a digital novel about a (male) girl who is much cuter than the girls, and her days are covered in sweat and juices.

(male) girls, covered in sweat and juices.

A car accident that changed the relationship between Toru, a boy who at first glance looks like a girl, and the main character: …….

From the “light lie” that the main character told, “We used to date,” to the “just the two of us,” the two of them “play with each other incessantly,” the story is a digital novel.

The two begin a “relationship of just playing around with each other”.

As time goes by, Toru’s various “proclivities” are revealed one after another. He likes to dress up in women’s clothing and expose himself….

Anal…using toys to penetrate each other’s holes…. As they have sex at any time and any place,

Their desires run wild.

Blue Devil has packed as much “obscenity” as we can think of into this title.

The title of the film is “Blue Devil: Male Daughter x Exposure x Female Fellatio”.


Kosuke Tsuzuki, the main character, has a childhood friend, Toru Tachibana, who is popular with both men and women for being “cute.

Kosuke himself feels more than just friendship, but acts as a normal friend.

One day, Toru is involved in a car accident and is diagnosed with temporary amnesia.

Kosuke takes care of Toru, making the excuse that his parents asked him to do so.

When Toru accepts his joking comment, “We used to date, you know…”, he takes advantage of the fact that Toru is happy to accept it.

He says that if he relives the sex they used to have all the time, his memory might come back.

Toru is taken in by the joke that reliving the sex they used to have might restore his memory.

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