Tama mo mura no fuu jutsushi~ yotogi da tte ganbarimasu!~ RJ195104 Save Data

Tama mo mura no fuu jutsushi~ yotogi da tte ganbarimasu!~ RJ195104 Save Data


*List of updates and corrections*.
Changes in ver1.03
Fix/Fix a bug that the color becomes wrong when an action is taken on the crystal existing in the “recollection room” in a specific direction.
Fix/Fix a bug that BGS keeps sounding after H-scene in certain H-scenes.

Additional functionality/ Added the ability to skip a night scene that has been seen once.
(Various parameters and money can still be obtained even if this skipping is done.)

▼ Story ▼
A “seer” whose profession is to purify wandering souls and return them to the other world.
In a small village, there was a girl who made her living as a seer.
Her name is Tamamo.

She collects the “spirit children” that remain after purifying the souls of those who are left behind, with the aim of bringing the “reborn cherry blossoms” into full bloom.
Her goal was to bring the cherry blossoms into full bloom.
However, the “seal tag” used to purify the soul requires “life force.
In order to collect the “life force,” she performs daily “nightgai” (nightgai).

Game System
No complicated battle at all!

When you contact a wandering soul with an item called “Seifuda”, the soul will be purified.
There are no difficult battles, so even those who are not good at such RPGs can play!

Total 17 types of H-events

Basically, the number of H scenes will increase as you complete the nighttime nursing.
Some of the events are triggered by talking to people in the village, depending on the parameters that are increased by doing the nightgiving.
Some events occur when you talk to people in the village. ……

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Tama mo mura no fuu jutsushi~ yotogi da tte ganbarimasu!~ RJ195104” and use it.

Download Save Data

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