Hypn* sis Done Braves — hyupunosu dawn bureibusu — RJ197467 Save Data

Hypn* sis Done Braves — hyupunosu dawn bureibusu — RJ197467 Save Data



A long time ago, there was a war called the Yuuma War.

It was a fierce battle between the Demon King, who wanted to rule the world, and the heroes who fought hard to stop him.

In the end, the war seemed to have ended with victory for the heroes.

However, there were still remnants in the Demon Lord’s army, which was thought to have been eradicated.

Among the remnants were “descendants of the Demon King” and “some executives,” who were plotting to revive the Demon King Army behind the scenes.

One day, a trivial incident leads to the discovery by humans that there are survivors of the Demon King’s Army.

The humans start a fuss about the reemergence of the Demon Wars, and the old couple who fought the Demon King as heroes at that time hears about it.

The old couple, who had already lost the ability to fight, could do nothing about it, but they had a daughter whom they had given to the couple in their old age.

Heroine A, who grew up hearing tales of their heroic days, insists on going on the journey herself.

The old couple, overcome by their resistance, advised the heroine to ask for help from their old friends who had children of similar age.

Thus, Heroine A sets out on a journey to defeat the remnants of the Demon King’s army.

The remnants of the Demon King’s army were in a hurry because their plan to revive the Demon King’s army, which was supposed to have been working under the radar, had been discovered by the humans by some strange chance.

The old war potential was no longer an issue, but with the current strength of the remnants, they could be defeated even if the opponent was not a brave man.

The remnants of the army, driven into a corner, dispatched their remaining leaders to various places, and powerful personnel attacked them.

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