Hooriinaitobitchi~ Holy Knight Bitch~ RJ199949 Save Data

Hooriinaitobitchi~ Holy Knight Bitch~ RJ199949 Save Data


▼ Synopsis

Quinn, a genius female knight belonging to the Church, an organization for the destruction of demons, has hunted down Anella, a whore who has been resurrected in the modern age.

However, Anella does not harm people and blends in with the town as an erotic woman.

Quinn, who was reluctant to defeat her, wanted to prove that Anella was good for people,

They take a method of defeating the powerful demon tribe that is resurrected around the town together.

Thus begins the adventures of the innocent female knight Kween and the bitchy whore Anella.

▼ About sex

Anella, the bitchy whore, will become weak if she does not have sex.

Quinn, by continuing to monitor Anella,

be able to count on her sexual desire.

Quinn and Anella become more and more lewd, even though they are reluctant to have sex with each other,

Anella, who is straight sexually by nature, is the main focus of the sex scenes.

▼ About the Game

The story will progress as you accomplish your requests.

However, as time passes, Anella, the whore, will start begging for sex.

Each time Anella gets laid, Quinn gets more and more erotic,

If you have sex with Anella for the last time, you will get a bad ending.

▼ There are three types of endings.

Happy ending x 2

Too much sex and bad ending.

▼ Character Introduction

Female Knight Kwyn Testa

 The pride of the church, she is a female knight prodigy.

 She can do everything by herself.

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