Kimi ni shakkin wo owaseru RJ201529 Save Data

Kimi ni shakkin wo owaseru RJ201529 Save Data


▼ Prologue

Luciela” is a blonde, glamorous, beautiful and very big-breasted young lady.

[ARC] “Oh I can’t wait for ……. I can’t wait to see Luciela in her wedding dress.”

[Luciela] “Ummm, a year goes by so fast, just a little more time to wait.

[ARC] “Yeah, …….”

How many children do you want?

Ark: “I want ten. All of them should be beautiful girls like Luciela.

[Luciela] “I can’t work that hard anymore, I ……

Six months ago, when we had a date in a flower garden, we were a common silly couple like this. And yet —-

[Luciela] “I said the poor will move on, poor people.”

[Ark] “Hi, poor! What’s wrong with you, Luciela! You’re not the one who said that!”

[Ark] “You would have been a kinder girl. ……”

[Luciela] “That’s because you were the son of a family with some money and power.”

[Luciela] “Your family has fallen pretty low lately, and I don’t see the benefit of dating you.”

But his true nature was the shittiest of shits.

The vengeful fiancée considers corrupting and corrupting [Luciela]…

▼ Luciela’s fall from grace…

Luciela is falling into a series of traps…

Luciela is trapped in a series of traps..,


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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Kimi ni shakkin wo owaseru RJ201529” and use it.

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