Eli Mimi~ kisekaerareru onnatachi to osowareru otokotachi~ RJ202967 Save Data

Eli Mimi~ kisekaerareru onnatachi to osowareru otokotachi~ RJ202967 Save Data


The H-scenes consist of an attack by a villager who has become lewd, a passive man being seduced, and a

The H-scenes consist of scenes in which a passive man is seduced and raped by a female demon.


In order to save his brother who has become bedridden due to the curse of a female demon

The story is about the main character: Erinia, who decides to defeat the female demon that may be the cause of his brother’s death.

Game Contents

A simple and easy-to-play dress-up RPG for everyone!

The playing time is about 2 hours!

To get clothes, you can either make them by collecting materials or steal them from female monsters.

Some clothes can be worn by the main character and some can be given to villagers!

Clothing imbued with the demon’s magical power increases the degree of lewdness!

Every time you put on new clothes, your body gets hot and you can’t help it.

Enemy graphics are all hand-drawn again!

Collect materials from small fry demons,

and steal clothes from female monsters!

You can also create puppets from materials, which can be called up during battle.

Create a reliable puppet and defeat the female monsters!

Super easy mode is included! The weapon in the brother’s room is the most powerful sword in the game!

Please be careful when acquiring and using this weapon if you want to enjoy the normal balance of the game.

■H Scenes

32 basic CGs

Recollection mode is also included!

You can recall the H-scenes you have seen once on the bookshelf at home!

This game was created with RPG Toolkit VXAce.

Please install RPG Tool VXAce RTP before playing.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Eli Mimi~ kisekaerareru onnatachi to osowareru otokotachi~ RJ202967” and use it.

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