Hibi kitsune – chikushoumaru wa korosanakereba naranai- RJ203157 Save Data

Hibi kitsune – chikushoumaru wa korosanakereba naranai- RJ203157 Save Data


This is an RPG with a female protagonist.

 The booby fox girl, Hibi Kitsune, whose hometown was destroyed, sets out on a journey of revenge.

  Selling points.

 ▼Boob equipment.

 Monsters are now equipped on the boobs with passion.

 Erotic technique.

 For now, we have made all the techniques boob-related.

 ▼ Serious atmosphere.

 In pursuit of eroticism, I tested the theory that seriousness might be more out of it.

Seriousness for eroticism.

 ▼Game clear.

 Don’t let the phenomenon of losing interest in clearing the game occur if you max out the lewdness,

We made the game about wanting to beat the damn maru.


 As usual, I focused on nice long tits and nipples.

Sometimes I added blood vessels and Montgomery’s glands (nipple boils).

  Recommended for people like this!

 People who can’t stand if the boobs are not bigger than the bombshells.

 People who can’t get rid of normal boobs.

 People who consider G-cups as poor tits.

 People who like mother’s milk.

 People who prefer large nipples.


 This game is made with RPG Tskool VXACE.

 Please download and install the VXACE runtime package from the TSCOOL website.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Hibi kitsune – chikushoumaru wa korosanakereba naranai- RJ203157” and use it.

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