Kotokochan wa chotto hen. RJ204916 Save Data

Kotokochan wa chotto hen. RJ204916 Save Data



(Voluntarily) Ecchi Returns RPG


Kotoko Haruyama is a high achiever, modest, and always expected by those around her.

She has a “strange habit” that causes her a lot of stress.

When she notices a dirty look at her,

she returns the attention with a little naughty behavior so as not to be noticed.

Eventually, her habit became more and more daring…

She is taken advantage of by a man who wants to be dirty…


Studying, club activities, dealing with people around her.

She is exhausted by her daily efforts.

(At this time… she tells me… that I’m not the usual me…)

The dirty eyes of the men who want to be dirty,

I feel like they can see me differently than usual….

Soon… the men’s mousy gazes, their sexual desire…

Little by little, she became interested in them,

She begins to allow herself… to be taken advantage of.

A janitor, a pervert, a homeless man, a blissful classmate, an international student….

Various other situations…

By men with selfish and dirty sexual desires,

Her graceful body is given all she wants….


No battle

There is a scene recollection.

It is a route selection type easy RPG.


This game is made with RPG TSCOOL MV.

If you have any comments, bugs, or problems, please report them to our homepage or blog,

Please report to our homepage or blog.

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