Jokishi Leticia RJ208126 Save Data

Jokishi Leticia RJ208126 Save Data




Fixed typos in scenarios


A humiliating crisis looms over the gallant knight Leticia!

28 basic CGs!

Can Leticia save the princess from being kidnapped by perverts?



A female knight, falsely accused of kidnapping a princess, goes alone to a remote place, a lair of perverts, and is humiliated in various ways.

and try to rescue the princess while being humiliated in various ways.

She is humiliated in various ways, but tries to rescue the princess.



A female knight endures sexual harassment to get information!

A female knight is deprived of her thoughts by a drug, and she gets a kime-sex Nakadashi!

A pervert who loves big tits rides on a horse and gives her a forced titjob!

A woman knight gets her thoughts stolen by a drug and gets fucked in a kime-sex position!

She is given animal ears and a tail attached to her ass for pet play!

She is caught by a pervert who has a fetish for mother’s milk, and is played with by milking!

She is caught by a pervert who has a fetish for mother’s milk and plays milking!

A woman knight and a fortune teller are peeked into their skirts by a man hiding in the gutter!


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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Jokishi Leticia RJ208126” and use it.

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