Kounai fantasy RJ209004 Save Data

Kounai fantasy RJ209004 Save Data



Suddenly, a large number of ancient demons and different species appear at the school!

Yurikoko-sensei is fighting against them while protecting us and cooperating with us!

Yurikoko-sensei(CV:Raimu Furan)

Yurikoko-sensei is always smiling and has an affectionate and enveloping gentleness, which is contradicted by her glamorous and demonic charm.

Her big, pointy boobs! Her body is slim and yet flesh-toned! Her goddess-like smile! If you are a male student, you must have been smitten at least once!

3 Motivations

(1)Protect students

Students are being attacked all over the school. To save them, we need to ……

(2) Cooperate with students

There are “bridges that can’t be crossed without insertion”, “doors that won’t open”, and other missions that can be overcome if you work together with students!

(3) Battle with different species!

Can you handle the never-before-experienced sex play that only a different species can offer?

Update ver1.2.2

Fixed bugs in progress

Fixed CG

Gallery is now divided into Enemies, Events, and Students

Other overall fixes

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