Herena youheidan~ netorarete iku nakamatachi~ RJ211211 Save Data

Herena youheidan~ netorarete iku nakamatachi~ RJ211211 Save Data


Helena Mercenaries – Cuckolded Friends

This is a SRPG with emphasis on cuckoldry.

Basically, all the H scenes are cuckold type, so please be careful if you are not good at it.

The number of basic CG is 16 (excluding standing pictures and differences).


John is a boy who has just started his career as a mercenary.

He joined the Helena Mercenaries, an all-female group that boasts a solid track record,

Helena Mercenaries, which boasts of a solid track record.

One day, they receive a request to take down a band of thieves.

The bandits were famous for kidnapping women and turning them into baskets.

They were up against a notorious band of thieves.

If they are not careful, their friends will be robbed, raped, and corrupted.

Will the mercenaries be able to defeat the bandits?

The system is a map-based SRPG.

Whenever an allied unit other than the main character is defeated by an enemy, an H-scene will be played.

There are multiple levels of scenes for each unit,

When a unit is defeated a certain number of times, an event occurs in which the unit is turned over to the enemy.

There are two types of endings.

There are two types of endings: good endings and bad endings.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Herena youheidan~ netorarete iku nakamatachi~ RJ211211” and use it.

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