Ryoujoku sentai~ haha wa shireikan, musume wa senshi~ RJ213408 Save Data

Ryoujoku sentai~ haha wa shireikan, musume wa senshi~ RJ213408 Save Data


Ran Kiriyama, who lost his father a long time ago but has lived an untroubled life, discovers a strange creature with moving tentacles in the city one spring day.

Ran rushes home and reports the whole story to her mother, who tells her a shocking truth. She tells him that they have been on the side of justice for generations.

There was a secret basement in their home, and they even had a base there. Her late father was a descendant of the side of justice.

The items needed to transform into a warrior of justice could only be handled by his only daughter, Ran, who was of his father’s blood.

Thus, the only two-member justice squadron was established, with the mother as the commander and the daughter as the female warrior.

Ran, now a female warrior, takes on the enemies who are trying to invade the earth.

Not only tentacled monsters, but also a middle-aged man who is after his mother, who runs a coffee shop, becomes a goblin and tries to attack her with his desires.

Orcs, the enemy bosses, are also powerful. If he falls into the wrong hands, he will turn on his enemies and try to humiliate the remaining one himself.

Will Ran and her friends be able to prevent the enemy’s invasion without being humiliated?


Ran Kiriyama CV: Chuka Yomukai

The main character of this work. Since her father died when she was young, she has lived with her mother and daughter.

She thought she was just an ordinary woman, but upon discovering Waluizu, her mother informed her that she was a female warrior.

Despite her doubts and confusion, she throws herself into the battle against Waluise.

She is bright, active, and beautiful like her mother. He

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