Ice~ ma ryuu quest~ RJ217209 Save Data

Ice~ ma ryuu quest~ RJ217209 Save Data


~Quest RPG~.

Number of basic CGs
47 CGs

Total number of CGs
More than 600


Numerous quests are available in each area.
 (about 30 from searching, item procurement, monster extermination to reagent clinical trial and theft)

Rape by restraints during battles
 Seeding attacks from monsters when you are naked (or are stripped naked).
 (6 different body positions and several different patterns of monsters)

Multiple endings that change depending on the degree of lewdness and the victory or defeat of the last boss.
 (happy ending, bitch ending, and bad ending)

Day and night system
 Nighttime activities are available in each area to allow players to enjoy the world view more.
 Quests are available not only during the daytime, but also during the nighttime…

Recollection Scenes
 Recollection scenes can be checked at any time from the menu screen.
 (There is a secret technique to open all scenes at once by entering the password.)

Easy to move by mouse operation
 (Smooth movement in 8 directions)

Voice cut function
 (voice “ON/OFF” setting and fine adjustment of volume can also be set)

Message skip function and window erase function

No game over


In the past, the human continent was almost destroyed by a demon dragon,
A man sealed the dragon, ending the crisis and bringing peace to the continent.

Half a century has passed since then…
A mysterious sorcerer, who learned of the existence of the dragon, unsealed the dragon’s seal,
The dragon awakened to once again bring chaos and terror to the continent,
The monsters on the continent have become ferocious.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Ice~ ma ryuu quest~ RJ217209” and use it.

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