Shokuzai no yagi RJ218280 Save Data

Shokuzai no yagi RJ218280 Save Data


Saruwatari, a former bully, receives a phone call one day.

It was an invitation to a class party, but this phone call was the beginning of his revenge…!

Memories of his dark past come back to him…the days when he was in hell.

He had lived his life as if cursing his circumstances, but he decides that now is the time for revenge!

Saruwatari’s only goal is to destroy the happiness of the married couple who have built a family and are leading a smooth sailing life!

He takes his revenge by raping and raping their daughters, who are probably the most important to them.

He attacks them on their way home, in warehouses, parks, toilets…everywhere!

The girls fall under Saruwatari’s poisonous fangs one after another…

And what is the end of the story of revenge?

Biwajima Momoka

Daughter of Biwajima Atsushi. She has a slender body, slender arms and legs, and a slightly mature atmosphere.

Her dream is to become a model or an idol.

To achieve this goal, she takes lessons until late…

Mayu Kawazumi

Mayu Kawazumi is the daughter of Kazuto Kawazumi. She has large breasts that don’t match her innocent face.

She studies at a cram school until late every day, aiming to enter a famous school.

On this particular day, as usual, she was crossing a park on a shortcut when Saruwatari…

Karen Mawarima

Mai Mawarima’s only daughter. She is a petite girl with a dazzling brown tan, but she has a winning personality.

She attends a karate class at the city gym every Thursday.

When she was about to leave after practice, she was attacked with a stun gun and taken into the bathroom.

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