Shota to succubus no oanesan to hakuchuumu RJ219506 Save Data

Shota to succubus no oanesan to hakuchuumu RJ219506 Save Data


    The story of a shorty hero and his succubus sister


When I woke up, my body had shrunk and become smaller.

A place I don’t recognize, vague memories…

I met with old diaries and acquaintances to find out where I was and why I had become so small,

to find out where this place is and why it became so small.

The film is a story about a small place.

In the midst of all this, a succubus suddenly appears and squeezes the semen out of her…

I have to figure it out fast or I’ll be drained of my semen.

If I don’t figure it out soon, my semen will…


Main character: Yuki

It has always been her habit to sleep naked.

She does not know why her body has shrunk.

He cannot remember anything and his memory is vague.

Succubus: She seems to be used to it, but she is not that used to sex. As a succubus, she is a newcomer.

She is the third succubus to woo a human.

She is favorable to the protagonist.

She appears in front of the main character and forcefully squeezes her semen out of her.

Multiple endings

There are three types of endings.


The story is a story of a girl who is in love with a succubus, and she is at the mercy of the succubus and its naughty side.

The story is small.

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