Boukoku no eiyuu hime aruti na RJ224130 Save Data

Boukoku no eiyuu hime aruti na RJ224130 Save Data


Princess of the Exiled Hero, Altina

■Version Information

The current version is 1.06b.


Princess Altina of the Kingdom of Karleian.
She is a young heroic princess who, despite being only a girl, fought valiantly in the previous war and made the mighty Orcs tremble.
In order to counter the threat of the orcs, who have become active again, she gathered volunteers to form a strike force and led it to the north of the kingdom, where people are waiting for her to come and save them.

During the expedition, Altina received the news that her father, King Heinst, was in a critical condition.
She hurried back to the castle and was greeted by an uninhabited castle.
She also saw something incredible.
The man sitting on the throne was named Vishla. He is the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Karleian.

The Prime Minister, gone mad. Vishla has revived the old demon king with a plan to usurp the kingdom.
Saved from her plight by the goddess Mytilia, Altina now sets out to reclaim her stolen homeland.

Game Overview
This game was produced by RPG Tool VXACE,
This is an RPG in which you can play damage undressing, rape, prostitution, incontinence, nude wandering, etc. by the female protagonist.

52 basic CGs + 800+ extra CGs
More than 70 H events
Play time: about 10 hours

Main character has 7 different outfits (excluding nudity).
Damage undressing. Graphic reflection of changing outfits.
Sexual experience status.
Obtaining titles through experience.
Friendship events with friends.
Nude wandering.
Virginal play. Clearable.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Boukoku no eiyuu hime aruti na RJ224130” and use it.

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