NOCE RJ226247 Save Data

NOCE RJ226247 Save Data


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A galaxy far, far away.

The Federation of the Nava Republic of Planets and the Dagoo Galactic Empire, which ruled a large group of planets and divided power between them, were engaged in a long cold war after two major wars.

In order to achieve harmony, the Federation sent a spy organization called Diva to the Imperial State.

The Diva’s efforts to gather information on the Empire kept peace on the surface.

The Divas were specially trained women who excelled not only in espionage, but also in combat and assassination, and they maintained the balance between the two powers by carrying out their orders without being seen.

Above all, they were a means of blinding the eyes of the empire because they were skilled at getting into the pockets of important people through their sexual services.

The story begins when Diva “Noche,” who had been dispatched to the planet Col Earth, receives a message from her best friend from her training school days, Leanne.


Smooth animation with dots and AE!

A book that combines eroticism and gameplay, with stage-clearing & a little exploration elements!

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