Sennou danjon RJ228502 Save Data

Sennou danjon RJ228502 Save Data



 The town was destroyed by a monster attack and the lord was killed.

 More than ten years have passed since then. The town is ruled by three factions,

 Lillian, the daughter of the lord, struggles to take back the town.


 Factions to choose from

  You can choose one faction from three factions.

  All of them are perverts and are planning to brainwash the heroine.

  Can you avoid their vile traps?

 0 Random Erojon

  You can go to the slums as a PR person for your faction.

  Sexual things happen randomly,

  Your brainwashing level will go up!

 0Fast-paced card battles

  An original game mixing card games and TRPG.

  Collect cards and create your own deck.

 Random dungeon

  Enemies and dungeons are randomly generated,

  You can play with a fresh feeling every time.

 Prison System

  If you lose to a hostile faction, you will be put in jail.

  If you don’t break out of jail quickly, you will be brainwashed.

  As your brainwashing level increases, you can betray and join the enemy faction.

  You can switch factions by betraying your enemy.


  In addition to the three factions, there are six classes to choose from,

  You can play over and over again.

 Costume differences

  There are differences in damage, nudity, etc.

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