Akagami no onigami RJ233372 Save Data

Akagami no onigami RJ233372 Save Data


The second RPG with the strongest protagonist with no facial expression


A phenomenon of abnormal local proliferation of demons, “dimensional hole”.
Normally, this disaster is handled by an army.
The super force that solves this disaster by itself is called the “Demon Eradication General”….

Agnis Flarebite, the demon destroyer of fire.
–Her magic power has been taken away from her. ……

In order to recover the stolen magic power.
To recover the stolen magic, the second-in-command took out an eerie ring that could hear “human desire”.
It was an eerie ring that could hear “human desires.” ……

—- ————————-
The second installment of the strongest expressionless protagonist.
Please note that he doesn’t pant at all!

H event.
*Almost all of them are interpersonal.

Seduce the person who provoked you…
Pretending to be asleep…
Follows a man whose name he does not even know…
…and then, as revenge, he would show them what he’d done with the other man.
…and expose her body to the goblins…
And other female-oriented acts…

Recollection event and some events have been revised and added

event correction, screen darkening bug correction

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[Agnis Flarebite]
The most powerful demon eradicator in the world today.
Normally, he wears severe full-body armor.

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