Sarah to jouka no mahou jin RJ234672 Save Data

Sarah to jouka no mahou jin RJ234672 Save Data


The main character, Sara, is to break the curse of her lover, Carl,

She has to take him to the magic circle of purification in order to break the curse of her boyfriend Karl.

With the help of Walery, a man from the village, the three of them decided to go to the magic circle of purification, but,

In order to activate the magic circle, Sarah’s skill was needed to convert the man’s lust into magical power.

Once they reached the magic circle, there was no turning back,

Walleye puts an unacceptable sexual demand on Sara.

She has no choice but to accept Walleye’s demands in order to save Carl…

There are no items or training elements in this work.

The combat is fairly simple, mainly avoiding enemies.

It is just a bonus,

that you can easily enjoy the erotic events.

Elements of cuckoldry

 The main character is threatened by a man and is gradually cuckolded.

Event CG (differences include facial expressions, vaginal cross sections, etc.)

 Basic CG: 21 pictures + more than 300 differentials

 Standing pictures Costume + more than 250 differentials

 11 types of standing erotic pictures + more than 100 differentials

Erotic events

 40 scenes of basic erotic events + many standing picture-only erotic events

 Most of the erotic events except for cuckoldry change in stages.

 The reaction of the men changes depending on the robe they are wearing.


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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Sarah to jouka no mahou jin RJ234672” and use it.

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