Succumate – sakyumeito – RJ237295 Save Data

Succumate – sakyumeito – RJ237295 Save Data


“Solve the riddle of a series of strange deaths!”

A succubus girl named “Lilim” suddenly appears.

She is said to be in the business of “collecting energy from humans”.

Later, a “series of strange deaths” are discovered. Or…?

Main features

◇Cell animation and dot erotic animation!

 You can enjoy two types of animation.

 The scenario is developed based on the concept of “reading animation”,

 You can enjoy the story of characters who move comically.

 More than 25 kinds of dot erotic

 More than 20 types of cel-animated erotica

 Total number of dots and cel-animated images: 2832

Explore the city to broaden your horizons!

 Besides having sex with Lilim,

 You can also “sneak a peek” at the couples and their families in town,

 You can also have relations with NPCs and enjoy “H with NPCs”.

 By exploring the town and completing events, the game’s gameplay will expand to include a wider range of sex and pleasure.

The “mystery part” where you solve the case

 This is a simple deduction game that follows the story.

 The scenario progresses as you make good deductions,

 Sometimes the route diverges and the ED changes.


This work was made with RPG Tool MV.

Please confirm the operation with the “Trial Version”.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Succumate – sakyumeito – RJ237295” and use it.

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