BLACKSOULSII – itoshiki anata e okuru fushigi no kuni – RJ237469 Save Data

BLACKSOULSII – itoshiki anata e okuru fushigi no kuni – RJ237469 Save Data


Product Introduction
This is an 18 prohibited RPG.
Please note that this game contains brutal descriptions.
This is a sequel to the previous work “BLACKSOULS”.

The number of heroines is 45.
The famous fairy tale, “Alice in Wonderland”.
The delightful characters from the famous fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” will become girls and welcome you.
(But for you, Alice is the best, isn’t she?)

White Rabbit
The Cheshire Cat
The Hatter
The March Hare.
Sleeping Mouse
The Duchess
Sea Slug
Queen of Hearts
Red Queen

SEN value system
In this world, all NPCs can be killed. However, when this is done, the SEN value decreases.
By decreasing the SEN value
The background music will become inaudible.
Residents will speak an unknown language.
You will be able to see impossible things.
You will be in a terrible state!
You can recover by using prescription medicine or having sex with the heroine.

My Country is full of mystery and fun!
Open world with fascinating maps.
Symbolic encounters.
Kill or be killed? Strategic and tense ATB battles.
Collect souls, level up, and explore from one end of this mysterious land to the other.
There are many sub-events and challenging elements.
You can kill all NPCs, of course. You can kill all NPCs, and female NPCs can be raped and locked up in the basement.
Even if you die, the game is not over and you will return to the bonfire where you last rested.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “BLACKSOULSII – itoshiki anata e okuru fushigi no kuni – RJ237469” and use it.

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