Spirit seeker Yui wa netorarete mo teikou dekinai!? RJ238242 Save Data

Spirit seeker Yui wa netorarete mo teikou dekinai!? RJ238242 Save Data



One day, Hiroshi Sonoki meets a girl named Yui Sakimura who has psychic powers.

Yui tells him about the danger of the ever-increasing number of evil spirits in the city,

Hiroshi learns that it has been brought about by the acts of his relatives.

The two work to solve the cases caused by the evil spirits and hit it off.

They begin to develop feelings of friendship and romance between them,

However, the demonic hand that tries to prevent them from doing so attacks Yui first.

The threatening events are triggered by Yui’s sex appeal!

Can Hiroshi save Yui?

Or will he be able to …….

■H Scenes

In a composition considered as cuckoldry,

molestation, restraint, rape, sexual harassment, tentacles, demon rape, etc.


Ghosts can be made into companions after battle.

The ghosts can be possessed and powered up.

Combine two or more ghosts to create a new ghost.

Use tarot cards to advance in battle.

Game Structure

Combat balance is rather easy.

Combat speed can be adjusted.

Symbol encounters

○ CG, reminiscence mode

Symbol encounters, CG, reminiscence mode, etc.


Number of CGs: 18 basic + difference

H event: 20 kinds

2 kinds of endings (with choices)


Hiroshi Sonoki

He is an ordinary man who may be a little unreliable,

He becomes stronger as he fights evil spirits.


Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Spirit seeker Yui wa netorarete mo teikou dekinai!? RJ238242” and use it.

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