Cloth Buriido joker RJ241070 Save Data

Cloth Buriido joker RJ241070 Save Data


Xenobattle x Bad End Eros ADV!


Monkey Corps will devote all its resources to bring you

A gachi xenobotsu battle x bad end erotic ADV!

This work is an erotic ADV with a bad end that is a “battle of supernatural powers” and a “erotic game with a bad end”.

If you make the wrong choice, a bad ending erotic game will unfold.

It is a “battle & erotic” erotic game.

Please check the operation with the trial version before purchasing.

If there are any updates or bug fixes, you will be able to re-download the game, so user registration is strongly recommended.

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100 yen NTR A patch to add H-scenes is included as a bonus!

H-scene addition patch is included as a free gift!

If you own this software, please enjoy this bonus as well.

Please enjoy this bonus as well.

Also, “2P Color Patch for Special Costume” for use with Crossbreed Joker will be included in the “Fallen Tales” as a bonus. For more details, please refer to the “Fallen Tales” product page.

Character Introductions

Pekeko cv: Aoba Ringo
A pure and innocent girl who does not know the world. She is a calm and natural girl who always speaks politely, not only to others but also to her own different abilities.

Because of her character of not doubting others, she absorbs what she doesn’t know and grows, but at the same time, she also has a danger of being easily dyed in someone else’s color.

Various meanings

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Cloth Buriido joker RJ241070” and use it.

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