Gakuen pao demo aluminium RJ256870 Save Data

Gakuen pao demo aluminium RJ256870 Save Data


■ Synopsis

Sisters Hanaho Amamiya and Shiho Amamiya, who work as teachers at Amanohikari Academy, had a secret that they could not tell anyone.
They were the descendants of succubus, a demon who came from the demon world to the human world.
However, with the development of magic, they no longer need to take magic power from humans, so they hide their true identities and live peacefully.

However, their peaceful life suddenly comes to an end.
Yuna Lalana, a lewd weapon that was supposed to have been sealed away 500 years ago, has awakened, wreaking havoc in the demon world.
Finally, Yuna’s evil hand reaches the human world, and the Garden of Heavenly Light is taken over by rebel succubus who plan to dominate the world through Eros.

Hanaho and her friends desperately try to escape, but if they are captured, they will be subjected to severe training in the name of “persuasion.
Will the two be able to get out of this pinch?


In the H-scenes, special emphasis is placed on events that are designed for pleasure depravity.

The woman’s body is taught and she is forced to give in, even if she refuses to do so in her mind.
The woman is made to recognize that she is a whore as she is raped, and she happily accepts the situation.
They are ruthlessly raped and turned into seedlings by emotionless monsters.
They are completely dominated by magic and turned into a bitch.

……, etc., etc., etc.
If captured by the enemy, a merciless mausoleum awaits, and even the innocent princess is turned into a slut.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Gakuen pao demo aluminium RJ256870” and use it.

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