Esuka to Miina no inma douchuu RJ266039 Save Data

Esuka to Miina no inma douchuu RJ266039 Save Data


** Story

Weska and Meena, both skilled adventurers, were traveling through the world after the overthrow of the demon king who threatened the world, in search of a way to lift a certain curse.

The curse is ……… the curse of the whore.

The curse is an outrageous one, which makes a woman unable to use all of her physical strength, swordsmanship, and magic skills, as well as her powerful heat, unless she regularly ingests male semen.

In order to return to their pre-cursed bodies, Weska and Meena travel back and forth from one part of the world to another while sucking cock.

Weska doesn’t want to be as lewd as possible, but Meena rather enjoys the curse.

‘…… goodness, I hope we can lift it with this clue.

The curse is, after all, a curse. If it were easy to lift the curse, we wouldn’t have any trouble.

“I know that. …… Oh, my God.

“Well, well, let’s have some fun!

……This is the story of a time when these two traveled to the south with a clue in their ears.

** Summary

This is a light novel in the style of RPG. Combat is only for dramatic effect.

14 scenes (8 basic CGs)

Hard-headed and old-fashioned fantasy worldview and scenario.

** Scene Outline

Cleaning the cock of a merchant with whom you spend the night on the road

Giving a blowjob to a merchant in return for information from the townspeople

Caught by bandits in heat, she is raped by them

She is attacked by a wild tentacle and gets three holes!

Showing off her masturbation as proof of her friendship with orcs

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