Princess escape RJ268345 Save Data

Princess escape RJ268345 Save Data


▼ Stories

Princess Charlotte of the kingdom had come to a fort located on the front line of the battle against demons.

However, during the welcoming party, a horde of demons raids the fort. The fort falls and the princess is taken prisoner.

The princess continues to be trained by a wooden horse device in order to be sacrificed to the demon king.

She is now imprisoned and trained by an intelligent demon,

But once she steps outside, she is captured by ogres and goblins who have little sense of reason,

The devouring rape will be waiting for them.

However, if she continues as she is, she will succumb to the training of the demons and be turned into the demon king’s slave.

With no hope in sight, I continued to endure desperately,

One day, the outside of the house became noisy, and the demons on guard stopped appearing.

It seemed that the Royal Army had begun a campaign to retake the fortress.

It was now or never,” she thought as she attempted to escape, dragging her heavy fetters behind her.

▼ Escape Action

There are various traps and snares in the demon’s lair.

You will proceed by dodging those traps and solving the riddles.

In the dungeon, of course, there are monsters roaming around…

If you are found, battle fuck!

If you don’t want to become a whore, escape without being found!

▼ H Animation

H-animations are inserted throughout the game, including standing pictures, battles, and events.

Of course, they are fully voiced. (Voice: Paco Shirakawa)

Combat is battle-fucking.


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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Princess escape RJ268345” and use it.

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