Tamago no kagi RJ269035 Save Data

Tamago no kagi RJ269035 Save Data



A village built to hide in the backcountry.
The people who live there are a family with unusual abilities that cannot be revealed in this day and age.

They used to live with a secret treasure called the “Egg Key,” which was passed down from generation to generation,
However, after the treasure was taken away from them several decades ago, they spend their days idly following a code that has lost its meaning.

Serafina, the protagonist of the story, is treated as a “Mahime” in the village and treated with respect.
However, a letter arrives in the village.
It is from Ange, a girl who has escaped from the village, objecting to her family’s hiding and hiding.
I found the key to the eggs.
 Let Maimi and I play a game to see who can bring back the egg key.
 If I win, then you must recognize me as the princess and the leader of the group.
 If not, I will take the egg key away without your permission.”
The Elders were stunned to see this letter, but they could not pass up the opportunity to retrieve the key to the egg,
They sent Serafina to Ange as requested.

The key to the egg is located in Milad, a commercial city where a big auction is scheduled to be held.
In this city where many people gather, will Serafina be able to ……

About the Game

This game is designed to be easily played with only one hand, without getting stuck on the map controls.
 The game is compatible with keyboard, gamepad, or mouse.

The main character’s sexuality, sexual experience, and difficulty level can be freely set in this title.
 This setting

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Tamago no kagi RJ269035” and use it.

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