Guild traveler RJ270611 Save Data

Guild traveler RJ270611 Save Data


Another world adventure, cuckold RPG!

Various interlopers target the two heroines.

In addition to the bad endings where they are cuckolded, there are also pure love and happy endings with the heroes. ……

There is also heterosexuality, tickling and humiliation.


Jun, Yuuri, and Shin are accidentally pulled into another world,

With the help of Fana and Sam, residents of the town of Doness, they rent a house to live in.

They have to pay the rent, so they take a job at the guild.

After an aptitude test, Yuuri is found to have the blood of a rare wizard!

Furthermore, when Yuuri is transported to another world,

He is told that he has a constitution that amplifies his magical power when he has sex.

However, this is a different world, and there are no laws regulating sexual crimes.

Will the three of them be able to return safely to their original world? ……

Take requests from the guild!

The guild will receive requests and complete the quests.

Reporting to the guild after completing a request will earn you achievement points, which will lead to the occurrence of events,

This will lead to the occurrence of events.

Of course, you may receive requests from outside the guild.

18 prohibited elements

Rape, molestation, humiliation, cuckoldry

heterosexuality, tickling, humiliation, etc.

31 event scenes.

Basic 31 event CG + difference

RPG Elements

Quest-order type RPG!

The story will progress as you accept various requests and add up the achievement points!

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Guild traveler RJ270611” and use it.

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