Gan seme click! RJ270807 Save Data

Gan seme click! RJ270807 Save Data


Animating Click Games

Move the cursor to the circles that appear one after another,
By clicking at the right moment, the heroine’s acme gauge rises.
By making the heroine cum a lot, the story will progress.

The difficulty level is low, and even those who are not good at action can complete the game.
Total playing time is about 30 minutes.

**Various expressions by Unity x Spine **

The characters move in real time and react to clicks.
You can enjoy a sense of realism not found in video or novel works.

Recommended for people like this! **

We recommend it to those who like pleasure torture situations.
In general, when a man or a woman climaxes, the scene often ends there,
In this game, the heroine who climaxes and convulses can continue to be tortured further.

This game is recommended for those who like restraining situations.
A strong heroine who fights is restrained and forced to be aroused.
The heroine does not fall immediately, and the entire game is a restraining situation.

Bukkake expression is also included!
If you clear a stage perfectly, you will see a Bukkake scene.
Bukkake will remain even if the stage is switched.

**Story*** **Story** **Story

The heroine, Yuraki Rin, is a member of the demon hunters who fight the demons that attack people.
She was a great hunter, but when the demon king Gu

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Gan seme click! RJ270807” and use it.

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