Lily Marleen~ kegare ochita Yuri~ RJ276385 Save Data

Lily Marleen~ kegare ochita Yuri~ RJ276385 Save Data



Shamu is a girl who wants to become a knight,

had feelings for Marion, the older sister next door, who took care of her like an older sister.

Shyam is coming of age, and she and Marion are going to take a competency test to leave the city. ……


This is a story with many scenes of rape and pleasure.

Two people are being raped one after another.

The yuri couple who doesn’t know filth is polluted,

You will see how they are corrupted…



Protagonist. A girl who aspires to be a knight.

She secretly longs for Marion, who has been taking care of her since her parents died.

She calls herself Boku.


The older sister of Siam’s next-door neighbor.

She does not have the strength to fight, but she has a womanly acceptance and energy.

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