Tanoshii papa katsuno susume RJ282376 Save Data

Tanoshii papa katsuno susume RJ282376 Save Data



This is a game in which you control a girl and talk to the various dads scattered throughout the park.
You can also get naked and walk around the park, pee on the riverbank, and freely engage in other erotic activities.


Mia and Chie have come to a certain park.
This is a secret park where girls who are looking for “daddy’s life” and kind fathers gather.
Mia-chan, who is quite used to the daddy’s activities, shows Chie-chan around for the first time.
Of course, papa katsudo means sex. The two girls can get a lot of fun together when they are joking around before the papa activity. ……♪
Let’s enjoy a relaxing, mild, and sweet Papa-katsu ecchi!

H Scene

All of the scenes are with older “papas”, and they do echi things in “papa katsudo”.
There are also many echigo-y differences in the standing pictures. There are various H events hidden in the park.

As the girls get used to the daddy’s activities, the sex with the daddy becomes more and more extreme.
The same scene will become more and more extreme.


She is a curious and energetic gal girl.
She is used to being a daddy’s girl and attracts Chie, a classmate of hers.

Chie is quiet and innocent, but has a strong sexual appetite and is a sullen, older girl.
Mia catches her masturbating in the classroom after school, and introduces her to the daddy business.

Character with mouse

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Tanoshii papa katsuno susume RJ282376” and use it.

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