Haku Rei reimu no youkai taiji daisakusen! RJ282710 Save Data

Haku Rei reimu no youkai taiji daisakusen! RJ282710 Save Data


One day, a hive of vicious monsters suddenly appeared, targeting only envious young women.

Reimu, as usual, set out to exterminate them.

However, the master of the hive had the power to suck the power to fight.

Reimu’s power to fight has been sucked out of her and she has been reduced to level 1 and is now a prisoner!

Players control Reimu-chan, who must use tools and costumes found in the area to escape from the yokai’s lair and defeat the yokai’s master!

The system is a roguelike game where the terrain changes each time you enter.

Almost every enemy that appears before the ending has a unique defeat event (with some exceptions).

In addition to that, the standing picture reacts to enemy attacks and some traps, and your boobs will shake, your clothes will be torn to shreds, you will be surrounded by goo and tentacles, and you will be attacked by tentacle clothes.

All dungeons up to the ending are basically penalty-free, so even roguelike beginners and players who prioritize collecting events can proceed with ease!

(The game is over only if you are killed by enemies under certain conditions.)

On the other hand, the dungeons after the ending are challenging enough to make even experienced roguelike players enjoy the game!

The game is packed with all the features that the author wants in a roguelike, such as simplified controls and convenient functions that reduce the time and effort required to play, so whether you are a roguelike newbie or not, I hope you will give it a try!

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Haku Rei reimu no youkai taiji daisakusen! RJ282710” and use it.

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