Idol project: NTR RJ285336 Save Data

Idol project: NTR RJ285336 Save Data



The main character gave up halfway through his dream of becoming an entertainer.
He is hired by a small entertainment agency because of his good personality, and is assigned to produce new idols.
However, the road of a new idol is not an easy one, and naturally, it does not go well.
The heroine is troubled, but the evil hand of the president of a major advertising agency is closing in on her.

The idol, with no time to waste, clutches at straws.
If her grades are poor, the heroine tries to be an idol ‘no matter what.
That is, of course, without telling you.

Will you keep the pure love or will you be cuckolded? It is up to you.


Respect for idol nurturing games.
Three types of mini-games (quiz game, rhythm-style game, and memory game) are included.

Actively educate your idols to become sellable idols.


Mouse operation is used to proceed.

Cuckold avoidance function is implemented.
It is possible to skip the cuckold route in its entirety. (Scenes are not recovered.)

There is a split between pure love route and NTR route.

Touching and undressing are also possible!
The difference is numerous and changes variously depending on the place to be touched.

The main character’s name can be changed.
You can choose your own name or someone else’s.

[Heroine full voice].

00Sahara Ayaka (voice: Shirakawa Paco)
A girl who dreams of becoming an idol. But she is shy and not good in front of others.

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